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NEWS! All my businesses have relocated to Stratford Upon Avon and we look forward to working with fellow entrepreneurs there soon!

I began working in the Tax and Business Planning world in 1987 after I left Medical School and joined one of the UK's largest Financial Advisor companies.

It soon became clear that there were a whole host of things that business owners could do - to save themselves large amounts of tax... if only the Advisors around them knew about these tax planning tools and how they worked.

I quickly moved into Technical Training and became the Technical Training Manager for Friends Provident - keen to share my growing knowledge to the work being carried out by IFA's.

Advisors all need to be qualified to give their 'Advice' - and I spent time as a Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Examiner for their Advanced Pensions Exam (G60) alongside my Technical Training work.

Over the next 30 years I developed a network of contacts and experts in all areas of tax planning - both here in the UK and Offshore.

Many well respected Wealth Management companies have invited me to deliver Specialist Workshops for their business owner clients - covering topics like "QNUPS for BUSINESS" and "Tax Exempt Property Investing".   

I have provided Tax, Financial, Strategic and Non-Exec Director services for a portfolio of businesses over the past 30 years. Turning the dreams of entrepreneurs into investor attracting business propositions - aided by my work with HMRC to add EIS & SEIS pre-approvals and completing R&D claims on their behalf.

Past projects have included development of shopping basket software (1999), the launch of a new credit card and banking service, renewable & energy systems, genetic engineering, IHT planning & BPR investment funds and even an innovative Golf Putter.

My expertise is in taking new, complex and detailed information on board - and processing it into professional presentations and detailed business and tax plans. Which has proven to be invaluable to those wanting to develop their operations, structure things better or even to attract partners and investors.

In 2013 I also ventured abroad and worked in Switzerland as a US Tax expert dealing with FATCA with a specialist Investment Adviser - gaining useful skills and knowledge that are helpful for both UK and EU clients. Elite Wealth Services is my own tax consulting business, providing IFAs and Accountants with specialist tax support and even client facing seminars.

I am also an HMRC approved Pension Administrator and Practitioner for a number of SSAS pension schemes - which was why Segmented Solutions was formed to let me provide SSAS Establishment to the list of services on offer.

Global waste and energy is another sector that I am involved in - I'm part owner of a UK innovator that can turn rubbish into green hydrogen or clean heat/electricity. Again with a tax slant - as I have been able to help them with an R&D Tax Credit claim and will be assisting with global projects and funding.

Alongside this I am also involved in providing some of the world's most amazing Digital Marketing and Content creation. There are examples within this business card.

If you want a client facing Seminar - on Tax or Digital marketing... then I am happy on stage too.

In 2017 I was involved in Team Britannia's bid to get a World record back to the UK - which involved fund raising for the 80ft powerboat and running a charity auction in Gibraltar.

Inspired by all this engineering work and one legged ex-Marines, I set about building my own Custom Harley Davidson:

The SSAS Consulting Group works alongside Professional Advisors to ensure that their clients get the very best advice and technical support.

We also provide Accountants and Professional Advisors with training on how to identify SSAS pensions and other planning opportunities, using a series of video case studies.

The content of these can also be adapted for client presentations and seminars at a time when many entrepreneurs are concerned about future tax rises and how to correctly plan their business and personal affairs.

We find that most Accountants and Professional Advisors are sat on client scenarios where significant savings can be made in both personal and corporate taxes – but are unaware that these opportunities exist or how best to implement them. That is where we add value and support our professional partners at all stages of the implementation.

Here's more information...

SSAS Consulting Group brings together an Elite Team of SSAS Pensions and Tax Planning Expertise – to offer a truly bespoke advisory service to the clients of Accountants and other Professional Advisors. The Group consists of a number of individual businesses, which lets us offer the broadest range of solutions possible.

We combine decades of experience from a Chartered Tax Advisor, A SSAS Pensions Administrator and Practitioner, An Independent Trustee & Lawyer with EOT and Probate expertise, a Chartered IFA with QNUPS and QROPS permissions and an ex-CII G60 Examiner with 32 years of Technical Training & Presenting Seminars under his belt!

If you add in all our other planning connections from the UK, EU and Offshore – We are confident that there is no aspect of SSAS and tax planning that we cannot cover!


CASE STUDY 1: In Specie Contributions to a SSAS >>>

This is showing you how a Business Owner with a Commercial Property in their company can claim Corporation Tax relief on the value of the property by establishing a SSAS and moving the property into it (NOT selling it!) as a 'contribution:

CASE STUDY 2: How to Avoid the Administration Nightmares on Death when Property is held in a SIPP vs a SSAS >>>

When commercial property is owned by a number of SIPP's it can be a time consuming and costly business sorting out what happens on the death of one of the SIPP owners. Using a SSAS instead works so much better as the SSAS carries on running, and the Member who has died simply has the SSAS pass on their benefits to the remaining Members in accordance with their wishes. 

Case Study 3: How Company Owners can Sell their Business and Pay 0% Tax >>>

Many Company owners do not realise that they can make use of what was Entrepreneurs Relief (10% tax) even if they are not selling their business! Still more exciting is the fact that they can even sell their business for multiple millions and pay 0% tax... this case study explains this and much more

Case Study 4: Commercial Property Tax Planning where an individual owns Commercial Property >>>

We often come across the situation where an individual (or couple) own a Commercial Property and rent it out to their own business. They receive rent, pay tax on the rent and the property is potentially part of their estate for IHT purposes. This case study shows how we can reduce their taxes to zero and shelter the property and the rent from IHT going forwards.


Elite Wealth Services (Taxation) Ltd is a specialist Tax and Business planning consultancy - established to provide Successful Entrepreneurs and Wealth Property Investors with access to a wide range of planning tools that may not be available through your other Advisors - such as Accountants and Financial Advisors. The company has now had 'Taxation' added in April 2021 simply because so many marketers had mistaken us for an Investment or Wealth Management company. This new company still has access to decades of knowledge and experience, and you will still receive the same quality service!

In an ideal situation we can show you how to reduce Corporation Taxes on Profits, Shelter your investments from income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax and more.

If you watch our 'Case Study' video it will give you some ideas as to what we can deliver!

We are not an IFA or an Accounting Firm and will never give you Investment or Accounting Advice.

Our clients tend to be referred to us by Professional Advisors such as IFA's, Solicitors and Accountants and work alongside these other Advisors in putting together our tax planning strategies and Reports.

Wealthy Entrepreneurs are often held back by the Lifetime limit on Pension Planning - and we do have a solution to that problem - so if you have significant pensions (£500,000+) then do get in touch. 

You work hard to make your business successful, and we work just as hard to ensure that you are given the best advice and support - using our skills and knowledge in how to use structures like:

QNUPS (Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes).
Self-Invested Pension Annuities.
Self-Invested Temporary Annuities.
SSAS's (Self Administered Pensions).
Specialist Offshore Bonds.
R&D Tax Claims and EIS Approvals.  

We have access to expert providers across the Globe and can help offshore property investors reduce UK taxes on their UK Property portfolios too.

Why not speak to us now?

We start everything with a FREE consultation!

Segmented Solutions is another of my businesses - which provides Directors with a complete Self Administered Pensions (SSAS) Solution.

We are experts in SSAS planning and know exactly what you can (and cannot!) do with them.

It is the place to go to establish your SSAS as we have a simple 10 step process laid out for you with clear explanations for every step.

Segmented Solutions are SSAS Administrators and SSAS Practitioners - so we can look after your SSAS and make sure that it is fully compliant.

Segmented Solutions can also establish QNUPS (Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes) and EPUTS (Exempt Property Unit Trusts) - all being useful tools in overall retirement and tax planning.

Here is our SSAS Pensions Masterclass (A 4 Part FREE course, with a FREE Bonus Video!):

With COVID-19 all business owners need to rethink how they share their details with potential customers. Having a bespoke Smart Business Card is the way forward.

We can design and programme your card - and populate it with professional quality video too.


Rather than paying for an 'expert' to answer the phone, you can create a fully 'expert' chatbot that can ask all the 'right' questions and collect the answers in real time 24/7. For a fraction of the cost of employing the 'expert'.


These chatbots can be embedded into a website, or can be the website itself:

Adding an animated logo or intro video to your content keeps your 'Brand' on screen and reinforces your message - we have a complete video and animated logo design toolkit for your business.

Here are some examples: